With 60+ designs to choose from, you can show off your true colours with your country's national flag or various achievement flags.


Tier System

Each Achievement has three tiers of difficulty. Once you have completed a tier of a particular Achievement, the next available tier will automatically become available to you. Each tier gives a set amount of rewards. The higher the tier, the higher the difficulty and the higher the reward. Each tier has a medal colour associated to it, tier 1 is bronze, tier 2 is silver and tier 3 is gold

Bronze - Tier 1 Silver - Tier 2 Gold - Tier 3
Medal bronze
Medal silver
Medal gold

Achievement Flags

Flag Name Achievement Requirements

Bandit III

Loot 100,000,000 supplies
Drill Instructor III Promote the Rifleman to Rank 8
Tag Collector III Loot 2500 tags from your enemies
Warmonger III Achieve 1,000 offensive victories against the enemy

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