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"The howitzer is a long-range barrage weapon with an explosive shell, hampered only by a minimum attack range, it is a powerful defence"


A long range bombardment defense, designed to be used as anti-vehicle and anti-naval, it fires area effect projectiles with high damage. Strategically the Howitzer is hampered by having a minimum range making it vulnerable when being directly attacked but is highly effective when firing from a distance.

The Howitzer takes up 3x3 cells in the game world and can only be placed on land.


The Howitzer will become active and attempt to defend your island if any attacking foe comes within range.

  • The Howitzer has no preferred target so will attack anything within its range, but prefers distance.
  • The building process of the Howitzer can be completed instantly by spending Gold. The amount of Gold required to complete the building process is determined by the amount of time remaining until the Howitzer is built.
  • The Howitzer has 7 promotion levels.
  • Each new stage of the Howitzer has a slightly upgraded appearance.

Howitzer Quantity

Command Bunker Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Howitzers Available 0 0 1 2 2 2 3 3 4


Level Health Damage Build Time Build Cost XP Reward Command Bunker Required
1 530 25 15m 2,000 0 3
2 610 30 45m 4,000 0 3
3 700 35 4h 20,000 0 4
4 790 40 6h 150,000 0 5
5 880 45 12h 360,000 0 6
6 960 50 1d 900,000 0 7
7 1050 55 2d 1,600,000 0 8

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