Landmarks are items available from within the store on the third tab.

Landmarks are designed to allow players to showcase their wealth, achievements, and also their individuality.

Both flags and limited edition seasonal Items are available within the Landmarks section of the store.

Flag Landmarks

Each flag costs the same amount of supplies, though each has it's own unique look. These mainly consist of country flags, however there are other styles available too.

Each flag can only be placed on land. When placed it will be instantly built and does not require an Engineer. Currently only one of each design can be purchased.

Below are all of the flags available within Battle Islands.


Seasonal Landmarks

Seasonal landmarks are awarded during a limited period for completing a certain task.These landmarks offer a unique bonus or visual effect during a certain period of the year.

Seasonal landmarks can be placed on either sea or land depending upon the landmark. When placed it will be instantly built and does not require an Engineer. Only one of each design can be obtained.

Below are all of the seasonal landmarks on offer within Battle Islands.

Landmark Season Release Image
Christmas Tree Christmas 2014

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