The Medi-Drop is another tactical advantage order, like the Artillery Strikes. You can build the Medi-Drop by promoting it in your Command Bunker and then prepare it for battle in the Comms Centre.

Dropped from the sky to any location on land or sea, the Medi-Drop will heal any unit within its radius.


  • The Medi-Drop lasts for 5 seconds after being called into battle and it heals up to 3 yards away.


Level Healing per second Duration Build Time Build Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Command Bunker Level Required
1 24 5s 10m 3,000 1d 200,000 6
2 35 5s 10m 4,000 2d 600,000 7
3 60 5s 10m 5,000 3d 1,500,000 8

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