The Paratrooper is a type of infantry unit that can be dropped in key locations behind enemy lines, offering a powerful tactical advantage.

The Paratrooper is a special order unit and can be summoned for battle by building a Comms Centre.


  • Paratroopers were first used in warfare by the Italians and Soviets in the early stages of World War II and played a vital role for the Allies during the D-Day invasion. 
  • Paratroopers rarely, if ever, jump in groups bigger than twenty from one aircraft.
  • A squad of paratroopers is called a Stick, while any load of troops gathered for air movement is called a Chalk.


Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost Promotion Time Promotion Cost Troops Command Bunker Level Required
1 180 48 15m 5,500 1d 300,000 3 5
2 205 55 15m 6,500 2d 600,000 3 6
3 235 62 15m 7,500 3d 1,200,000 3 7

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